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Dreaming of a more defined jawline? Get rid of your double chin with our FDA-approved Kybella treatment in Boca Raton.

Kybella In Boca Raton

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Kybella in Boca Raton

Admit it or not, double chins have been the crux of most of our adult life. That annoying pocket of fat underneath our chins has ruined a good amount of selfies. Not to mention that it makes you look older than you really are.

Fortunately, someone came up with Kybella, an injectable treatment that helps melt pockets of fat underneath your chin.

At Aesthet House Med Spa, we offer a legit and FDA-approved Kybella treatment in Boca Raton. Our board-certified aestheticians have years of experience administering cosmetic treatments like Kybella. Plus, our client-centered approach ensures that your comfort is prioritized at every stage of the treatment.

Chin fat dissolving treatment before and after.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Kybella safe?

Yes, Kybella is generally safe, especially when administered by a licensed professional. It also uses a substance naturally found in our body, so there’s less risk of any allergic reactions. Some people may experience redness and swelling right after the procedure, but it usually subsides after a few days.

Is Kybella painful?

Just like any injectable treatment, Kybella may pose a certain level of discomfort, especially if you’re averse to needles. If such is the case, you can always tell our aesthetician. They’ll help you find ways to make the process more comfortable.

How long does a Kybella last?

The results of a Kybella treatment are permanent. The procedure kills the fat cells themselves, so they won’t be able to store fat anymore. Since the human body stops creating new fat cells at around 25 years old, those dead fat cells won’t be replenished. So even if you gain weight, the area under your chin won’t be affected.

Who should get a Kybella?

In general, a good candidate for Kybella is adults over 21 years old who feel conscious about their double chin. Our aestheticians can also help you determine if Kybella is right for you.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-invasive injectable treatment designed to get rid of stubborn fat pockets (submental fat) under your chin. It uses a synthesized form of deoxycholic acid, a natural substance produced by our body. This substance helps melt the fat, giving you a more defined jawline.

As of this writing, Kybella is currently the only FDA-approved injectable for treating double chins.

How Does Kybella Work?

Our bodies naturally produce deoxycholic acid to break down fats in the foods we eat. When synthesized and injected into your subcutaneous tissues, it also helps break down the fat in those areas.

During a Kybella procedure, this synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid is injected under your chin. This melts down the submental fat that gives you that “double chin” look.

Your lymphatic system then takes over and flushes the melted fats out of your body. The same goes for deoxycholic acid, which is excreted out of the body as waste.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour and requires no downtime. You won’t need any anesthesia too. Though our aesthetician may recommend putting ice on the area or applying some numbing cream to make the process more comfortable for you.

Most of our clients have noticed a significant difference after just one session. Though, in general, it will take several sessions spaced a few months apart to get your desired results.

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